Theriault & Hachey


Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd has been a preferred Canadian sphagnum peat moss supplier to the horticultural and mushroom industries, for more than 50 years. Offering customers the highest quality peat moss products combined with exceptional customer service and support, we work directly with you to meet all your needs.

Customized Peat-Based Blends for Vigorous Plant Growth
In addition to producing high quality peat-based standard growing mixes, T&H also manufactures custom-blended growing substrates. Our state-of-the-art mixing line will provide you with unparalleled blended growing mixes to meet your specific plant and crop growing needs to shorten their growth cycle.

Growing Mixes

Use our professional and custom peat-based growing mixes, or growing substrate, made with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, to save you time and money. Our customized peat moss-based blends are formulated to optimize crop growth. Imagine increasing your yields and boosting both your productivity and your bottom line. Moreover, a shorter growth cycle will lower your capital and labour costs, saving you time and money. Your crops deserve high quality growing mixes.

Peat Moss

At Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd. we offer a variety of top quality Canadian sphagnum peat moss grades for all your growing needs. From extra fine grade to extra coarse, you’ll find a peat moss designed for any planting stage and soil environment.

  • Extra Fine Grade Peat Moss
  • Fine Grade Peat Moss
  • Medium Grade Peat Moss
  • Coarse Grade Peat Moss
  • Extra Coarse Grade Peat Moss