Lynx Associates Inc. is a professional and technical sales force ready to go. Compared with a direct sales force, we save manufacturers time and money because we already have the relationship within the industry, generating orders quicker for the principal. This allows you to concentrate on manufacturing and product development. Having strong, reliable agents reduces your workload. We are your business partners, helping to maximize your revenue and profitability. You have a fixed sales cost because we work on commission or a monthly retainer. We work hard to sell your products and also provide important market information, especially about competitor’s presence.

Once on board, Lynx Associates Inc. researches and determines how your product and current program fit in the marketplace. We look at the current distributor network and suggest a game plan. Working together with the right tools, we will have a great winning relationship.
Keep in mind, just like hiring a company salesperson, there are good ones and there are great ones. With your support we will be the great sales team you are looking for. Our reputation depends on it!